Castellano Village ...a home away from home...

Comfort and tradition coexist in this place. Like something as simple as the color white and blue, all the elements come together and with simple touches make up this landscape before you.

The traditional architecture, the direction of the buildings and the swimming pool have as their sole objective the easy viewing of this landscape from everywhere. The frame that is created in front of you contains the settlement of Maltezana, the islets on the horizon as well as the endless sea. A view that will fascinate you!

The tranquility of the space and the location is ideal for relaxation and is an excellent choice for those who want to explore the magical coves of the island, the islets and the whole island without wanting to sacrifice privacy.

Our Rooms Enjoy the blue

Relax enjoying the blue sea in a space that will make you feel at home



Pool bar

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the pool bar under the lounge sounds or relax drinking your coffee in the hotel square letting the view accompany you.

Infinity pool

The pool, with its depth and color, is like a continuation of the blue sea that stretches out in front of you.

Breakfast area

A rich buffet with a wide variety of many different items for all tastes.
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Castellano Why choose


peace and tranquility


access to beaches and coves


warm hospitality