the butterfly of the Aegean


Astypalaia is an island of the Dodecanese with a particular influence from the Cyclades, as it is considered a "bridge" that unites the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, uniquely combining the architectural features of the Cyclades and the natural beauty of the Dodecanese.

Astypalaia and its archipelago have many beautiful beaches that are easily accessible from land. The sea is clean and crystal clear. It spreads out in the special shape of a butterfly with winding coasts in an imaginary straight line of about 20 kilometers, which is why it is characterized as the "butterfly of the Aegean". Full of high rocks and hills, with beautiful beaches and picturesque villages, it invites the visitor on a magical journey to the blue of the Aegean and the white of its houses. An island with a rich history, tradition, unique images with beautiful white houses and whitewashed yards with bougainvillea, picturesque chapels, it is an ideal place for a quiet vacation.

Its name (which means "old city") is attributed, according to mythology, to a sister of Europa, the mother of King Minos. Astypalaia and Europa were daughters of Phoenicus and Perimidis. From the union of Astypalaia with Poseidon, Agaios and its king Eurypylos were born.

Today, the largest part of the road network is asphalted and very soon the asphalting will be completed on the rest of the road, making use of the entire island. The dimensions of Astypalaia, which are not particularly large, allow the visitor to reach any part of the island quickly. It has a medium-sized airport that allows connection with Athens and the larger islands of the Dodecanese. Shipping connections, although not as frequent as in the Cyclades, allow fast and efficient transport of both passengers and goods.

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Analipsi (Maltezana)
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